Most people if not all use the internet to do research. The fact that the World Wide Web is the fastest and the most accessible data bank ever existed, it is easy to understand why it has become a go-to for millions of people. Besides, the internet covers the past information and even the latest and greatest news trend that you can use for your material. But is your online research methods making it easy for you?

While almost all the information you need is available on the internet, not all people are doing it the right way. As much as there are many available right answers for your research material, there are also tons of misleading and fake information out there. So in order for you to get things right and not end up writing false information, here is some guide to help you out start your research.

Online Research Methods

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Instagram is considered one of the most popular social media apps to date. The sad part is, we cannot directly download Instagram on PC. The only chance we have is to use any web browser and search for the Instagram website to use it. Furthermore, Instagram only allows the official app to upload your best pictures online.

That limitation makes the Instagram one of the most downloaded applications on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. But now, having this social media app on our PC is definitely possible. How? Keep on reading to learn from this basic guide and tutorial.

Download Instagram on PC

Instagram is a mobile internet-based social media and sharing app. It caters mainly to personal images and short clips of its users and shares it worldwide via its platform. The user can also use their images privately if they choose to do so.

However, not all people that use Instagram are fans of smartphone devices. Some just want to spend their time on their computers. And since Instagram is limited to mobile versions to use all its features, utilizing the social media app to its full potential is a challenge.

Luckily, there is always a workaround for that issue and here it is.

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is to download any Android emulator you know. Some of the emulators you can use are the Bluestacks and Nox Player. But remember, these emulators come with a large file size, so you must check your computer’s memory first.

Step 2. Once you have downloaded your preferred Android emulator, click on it and proceed with the installation.

Step 3. After installing, launch the emulator and search Instagram on Google Play Store that is built in the emulator. You may be required to sign in for an account, so log in with the account you are using on your smartphone.

Step 4. Install the Instagram just like how you install an app on your Android device.

Step 5. After the installation has been finished, you can see the Instagram on the list of Apps inside the Bluestacks. You can now use it to the full extent, like uploading your photos and videos using your Windows PC.

Easy right? Download Instagram on your PC now!

Be Amazed by Instagram

New to Instagram? Check this video to know more about its useful and special features. After downloading this social media app on your PC, apply the tricks you have learned and you will realize why Instagram is so popular and used by millions of people around the world.